Mod-my-Box: Project Inverse by Steven G

Installation Part III

After all the water blocks were installed it was time for a test fit of the tubing, with so many barbs on the motherboard including 6 for motherboard cooling I had to figure out which way was the best to install the tubing for the cleanest look and performance. When doing this I had to pay special attention to the bends in the tubing I did try out various methods which resulted in kinking of the tubing. Below is a picture of how the tubing will be placed once in the case, I used some old scrap lengths of old tubing to do this.


Final tubing placement to remove kinks.

After figuring out the tubing placement it was time for installation within the case. The power supply wires were first installed as they are run under the motherboard tray and connect to the components through the motherboard cuts mentioned earlier in the article. The motherboard was installed with the CPU block attached and some of the tubing in place as it was very tricky to install once the board was fitted into the case.



Board installed with tubing in place.

After the board was in place the hard drives and DVD ROMs were added along with the bay reservoir and the pump which was installed using ant vibration mounting kit on top of the hard drive cage. I had to use 2 90 degree fittings to have a clean routing of tubing which can be seen below.



90 degree fittings on the bottom graphics card and pump for clean route of tubing.

Once all of the components were installed it was time for a little cable management, I picked up some “P” clips to secure the wiring in place to allow for easy installation of the back panel of the case, in my previous build the back panel was bowing out where the cables were fed through the motherboard tray to the back of the PC.


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