Mod-my-Box: Project Inverse by Steven G

Installation Part II

Quad radiator with fans fitted and braided to a single connection.

T-Balancer BIGNG fan controller in place.

After this I proceeded to install the water blocks I had ordered for the graphics cards and motherboard, the motherboard blocks were ordered from a the German manufacturer MIPS. I stripped the old heat sinks from the board and cleaned up the chips ready for the new water blocks to allow for further clocking and lower temperatures on the motherboard.



Standard cooling removed from motherboard.

Water blocks added to motherboard.

The graphics cards being the noisiest hottest components within the pc also needed cooling, so I used XSPC water blocks for these. The old standard coolers were removed and the new water blocks installed to dramatically reduce operating temperatures and noise levels.



Standard cooling removed from the graphics card and water block to be installed.

Both graphics card with blocks attached.


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