Computex 2024: GIGABYTE AI Exhibit @ Huashan Creative Park

At this year’s Computex 2024, Gigabyte hosted a very unique and interesting AI exhibit at the Huashan Ceative Park, in Taipei city center. It showcases some of the real-world applications of their AI PCs including gaming and tools for artists and creators.




Shape the future with your own hands! GIGABYTE AI PC invites you yo pioneer new horizons. This isn’t just a showcase – it’s a journey of innovation and creation. Explore the transformative power of AI, from generating stunning art to powering machine earning applications. Join us as we demonstrate how AI is revolutionizing the way we see and interact with

the world.


AI Artists Showcase

Generative AI artists worldwide are invited to explore the intersection of art, imagination, and reality through their works. Immerse in the captivating world of generative AI and experience its profound visual and personal impact.


VS AI Street Fighting Arcade

This is a classic arcade fighting game machine, but with a twist – it now host battles using AI tools. Engage in these digital duels on AORUS desktop computers, and explore the intricate relationships and connections btween humans and AI.


AI Creator Workshop

AI has woven itself into every facet of life, impacting everything from art and music to documents and images. Using AORUS desktops and laptops, dive into the vast applications of AI and embark on the journey into AI-enhanced living.

It was a fun event with plenty of innovation and real-use cases of what AI can do. I particularly liked the real-time AI generative images that were produced on some of the demo AI PCs and laptops.



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