Computex 2024: Day 1 – InWin

InWin have always impressed us over the years with their signature series of chassis. This year at Computex 2024, they showcased their latest signature chassis … the “Infinite“.



The Infinite is InWin’s 11th signature chassis and Wow! My jaw just hit the ground. It features a massive sheet of glass that as a unique 180 degrees bend, highlighting the company’s glass-bending skills. And with a push of a button, the whole chassis rotates vertically and horizontally. The system is powered by a massive 2,500 Watt PSU, a GeForce RTX 40 series and Z790 motherboard.


On display at the booth, there were plenty of cooling fans, AIO coolers and a range of power supplies.

InWin also showcased their latest BTF chassis and compact midi cases, as well as a $300K server, which of course uses their case/chassis.

The compact midi F3 micro ATX chasis is designed for Nvidia’s SFF GeForce RTX graphics card (approximately 200mm). You can check the size comparison below between the mouse and the new SFF Geforce RTX 40 series.



InWin x Our Podcast Show

*** Podcast Link – Coming Soon ***



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