Computex 2024: Adata, Deepcool, Enermax, Noctua, Raijintek, TeamGroup



Everybody loves Noctua … their distinctive brown  and beige coloured fans are world famous! This year they have some extra special.


They demoed a new type of AIO cooler that don’t require a pump. It operates via a two-phase thermosiphon principle, where the internal liquid (coolant) is vaporized and the vapor flow gets passed to the condenser (radiator) which is then cooled by the Noctua fans.


We also saw an interesting collaboration between Seasonic and Noctua … it’s a 1600W PSU (Seasonic PRIME TX-1600) with a Noctua cooling fan for super silent operation ~8-10 dBA.

It even comes with high-quality brown/black braided power cables too! Love it!


We also got to see a new prototype CPU cooler with heatpipes and a dual tower heatsink, and a new 120mm cooling fan.



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