Computex 2024: Adata, Deepcool, Enermax, Noctua, Raijintek, TeamGroup




We visited our friends at Deepcool to see what new products they have at this year’s Computex 2024. First, they showed us a new mini ITX chassis that features a removeable handle. Love it! The chassis can be placed vertically or horizontally, can comes with what appears to be a dock with LCD/LED display (prototype). It comes in both white and black versions.


Next, we have a mid-tower BTF chassis with all the cabling located on the reverse side of the motherbaord. The whole system looks so clean, and look at the cable management too … nicely done!


There was a few CPU air coolers on display. This one caught my eye with a nice large LED panel displaying the system’s health like CPU temperature and fan speed. This display is detachable too!

One more thing, according to Deepcool, this CPU cooler comes with a cooling plate that features a vapor chamber. Interesting.

We also saw a range of cooling fans. Interestingly, the fans has a transparent center which you can see the motor and the LEDs.


Two new AIO coolers. One has the usual LCD display showing the system’s health, while the other comes wiith matrix design allowing you to customize the display via their software. Both are available in 240mm or 360mm sizes.


And finally, Deepcool had two ATX 3.1 power supplies … one in white, while the other in black. Both support PCIE 5.0 and comes with nice modular cables too.



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